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Mendeley 'Climate Change Library' Campaign with more than 5,000 articles on climate change, freely available!
Central Library Hours Announcement | Fall - Winter 2019
Happy Summer 2019 from the 'George and Charlotte Draper Information and Media Hub'!
New Online Journals' Subscription!
'George and Charlotte Draper Information and Media Hub' -- New Opening Hours!
The new "George and Charlotte Draper Information and Media Hub", located at the Aliki Perroti Educational Center's basement next to the Administrative offices, is almost 1 year old and has new Opening Hours!
New Print Journal Acquisition!
Our Library is happy to announce that we acquired a new print Journal for our Students and Faculty: "The World of Food Ingredients"!
Library subscription to 'The Chronicle of Higher Education' portal
Our library proudly announces the subscription to "The Chronicle of Higher Education", an online news and information portal on higher education! A very important tool for students, faculty members and administrators in our campus!
New satellite library at the Aliki Perroti Educational Center
'Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis' library now has a satellite library only for Perrotis College students and faculty!

It is the new "Information and Media Hub", located at the Aliki Perroti Educational Center's basement, next to the Administrative offices!

The Hub will house only the Required readings for your courses and - for the Master's program - some of the recommended readings as well. You can use the desktop computers found in the Hub, you can borrow the Hub's laptops (for inside the premises use only) or you can bring your own laptops, study alone or have study group meeting with your peers!

Come visit us at the new Aliki Perroti Educational Center's basement and get acquainted with the new facility!
New database, Business Source Premier
Business Source Premier is our brand new database subscription and it offers a wide collection of company, industry and country information. It features full text and searchable cited references for top journals covering a variety of business disciplines. In addition, it includes market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles and SWOT analyses.
Koha, the new library catalog
Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis library transferred its resources from Its old Integrated Library System and online Catalog to a new, web-based, open-source system called ‘Koha’.
The url is: http://librarycatalog.afs.edu.gr/
Ask your librarian to assist you in familiarizing yourselves with the new catalog!
Bioactive food packaging : strategies, quality, safety
This engineering book brings together two of the key strands in food packaging: active packaging and natural, often biobased, components. Dr. Kiki Zinoviadou, Instructor at Perrotis College at the Food Science department co-wrote Chapter 6. Biopolymer-Based Antimicrobial Packaging Systems: Physical Properties and Function. The text investigates the chemistry, effects and technical incorporation of bioactives into different forms of packaging. Specifically, chapters focus on techniques for impregnating natural substances into conventional and biodegradable food packaging materials with an emphasis on their antioxidant and antimicrobial functions. Oxygen scavengers, plant extracts, essential oils, enzymes, phytochemicals, polysaccharides are investigated. Chapters discuss how bioactives are combined with packaging to suppress microbes and improve the quality of meat, seafood, dairy and cereal products. How bioactives affect packaging development, such as scale-up, fabrication and labeling is discussed, as are European and U.S. regulations.
Writing Center
A new service is launched at our Library this fall: the Writing Center. It was founded in 2016 with support from renowned author Gregory Maguire to aid Perrotis College students in strengthening their writing skills. Please check the daily schedule for appointments or drop in and ask for assistance. Sent your emails and requests at: writingfellow@afs.edu.gr
Best practices in global wine tourism : 15 case studies from around the world
Best Practices in Global Wine Tourism is a collection of fifteen case studies from around the world describing methods used by highly successful wine regions and wineries. The chapter on Greece was co-written by Dr. Kostas Rotsios, Perrotis College, Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment & Business Development and Dr Caroline Ritchie a Reader in Hospitality and a member of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research within Cardiff School of Management.

Learn how innovative wine professionals turned challenges into successes in establishing new wine regions, attracting customers, creating collaborative relationships with stakeholders, preserving the environment, and establishing measurements for wine tourism. Enjoy stories about wine tourism around the world, including France, Italy, Argentina, China, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and other wine regions.

The book is available at the Library, call number 663.2 Bes.

Ask your librarian to assist you in finding this book.
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