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Olive Mill Waste: recent advances for sustainable management [eBook]

Charis Galanakis

"Olive Mill Waste" addresses the most relevant issues of sustainable management in the olive oil industry. Emphasizing recent advisable practices, including the potential of reutilizing olive mill waste to power the mill itself, the reuse of OMW as a soil amendment, the aerobic biological treatment of OMW and compost production, a case study of OMW within the biorefinery concept, and the recovery of bioactive compounds from OMW as well as their applications in food products and cosmetics.

Recent research efforts have concluded that the successful management of olive mill waste focuses on three main routes: (a) reuse of water, (b) reuse of polyphenols, and (c) reuse of nutrients. Following this consideration, this book explores in depth the multiple possibilities of recovering polyphenols and reutilizing them in target products. Additionally, the book presents successful examples of industrial OMW valorization through real world examples.

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