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Eco-friendly Agro-biological Techniques for Enhancing Crop Productivity

Rakesh Singh Sengar and Ashu Singh (editors)

Agricultural biotechnology encompasses a growing list of techniques that range from simple probes to determine a relevant gene from the complete genome to manipulating genes for a desired outcome. Many other popular methods used in the realm of agricultural technology are - gene integration, Marker-assisted breeding, Tissue culture, Gene profiling or association mapping, Metabolomics etc. This book analyses the use of modern techniques to increase crop yields, production, and risk of hunger linked to socioeconomic scenarios.


Dr. Athanasios Gertsis and Dr. Christos Vasilikiotis have written a chapter in this book, titled "The LISA and SOCRATEES¬© approach for sustainable crop and soil management / Athanasios C. Gertsis and Christos Vasilikiotis."


The book is available at the Library; Call. No.: RES 338.16 Eco.

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