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Managing Data Using Excel: organizing, summarizing and visualizing scientific data [eBook]

Mark Gardener

This book explains in comprehensive and user-friendly detail how to manage, make sense of, explore and share data, giving scientists at all levels the skills they need to maximize the usefulness of their data. Readers will learn how to use Excel to: Build a dataset – how to handle variables and notes, rearrangements and edits to data. Check datasets – dealing with typographic errors, data validation and numerical errors. Make sense of data – including datasets for regression and correlation; summarizing data with averages and variability; and visualizing data with graphs, pivot charts and sparklines. Explore regression data – finding, highlighting and visualizing correlations. Explore time-related data – using pivot tables, sparklines and line plots. Explore association data – creating and visualizing contingency tables. Explore differences – pivot tables and data visualizations including box-whisker plots. Share data – methods for exporting and sharing your datasets, summaries and graphs.

This is an eBook available through the Library's EBSCOhost databases. You can access it here, by clicking on the "EBSCOhost - Full text online Connect to ebook". 

Ask your Librarian to assist you with downloading the eBook, or simply go to the Library's Online Research Guide to view the eBook downloading instructions.

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