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USA Ties
USA Ties


Standing as a rich source of American culture, the Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library is an ambassador of American traditions and values, family and community life, economy, gastronomy, and political debate.

The library promotes its visitors' exposure to American culture by diversifying its print and electronic collections and maintaining a wide variety of resources for learners to discover new aspects of the US experience. Throughout the years, various special events have been sponsored by the library to celebrate and inform its patrons: 9/11 remembrance day, the 4th of July, Halloween trivia with apple-bobbing and pumpkin-carving contests, participation in the AFS Thanksgiving dinner, an American kitchen and cuisine event, hosting the U.S. Election event, and celebrating Black American history month with a concert, swing dance music.

With information resources on one hand, and the work of the library's dedicated personnel on the other, the Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis Library provides its learners with a dynamic context through which to have better insight into the culture and the people of the United States.

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