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Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products [eBook]

Guillermo Hough

Emphasizing the importance of the consumer's perception of when food has reached the end of its shelf life, "Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products" provides a tool for adequately predicting sensory shelf life (SSL). Delineating the basics of sensory analysis and how they apply to shelf life studies, the book explains how to design a shelf life estimation experiment; develops the application of survival analysis statistics to SSL prediction using acceptance/rejection data obtained from consumers; presents instructions, code and downloadable example files to be used with the freely available R-statistical package; details the cut-off point methodology as an alternative to survival analysis; covers nonlinear and survival analysis modeling of Arrhenius' equation to obtain adequate predictions of activation energies; includes an R-function to perform a nonlinear regression to better estimate activation energy; describes extensions of survival analysis statistics to other food applications.

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