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Insect Resistance Management : biology, economics, and prediction [eBook]

edited by David W. Onstad

Neither pest management nor resistance management can occur with only an understanding of pest biology. For years, entomologists have understood, with their use of economic thresholds, that at least a minimal use of economics was necessary for proper integrated pest management. IRM is even more complicated and dependent on understanding and using socioeconomic factors. The new edition of Insect Resistance Management addresses these issues and much more. This revision also contains more information about IRM outside North America, and a modeling chapter contains a large new section on uncertainty analysis, a subject recently emphasized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Provides insights from the history of insect resistance management (IRM) to the latest science. Includes contributions from experts on ecological aspects of IRM, molecular and population genetics, economics, and IRM social issues. Offers biochemistry and molecular genetics of insecticides presented with an emphasis on recent research. Encourages scientists and stakeholders to implement and coordinate strategies based on local social conditions.

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