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Information collected

Generally, one can use without being forced to reveal personal information. However, depending on the service you want to use, we may need to keep the following elements:

● Contact information, such as name and email

●  If you contact us, we can save the communication in our files and use it as a tool for improvement of our services.


When you browse our website, some information may be collected, such as information about your computer's operating system, the type of browser you use and your IP address. We can also collect data on the country and city of residence from which you are browsing. We consider these data as non-personal except and per an explicit reference of law to the contrary.


How do we use the information we collect?


The information you share is used to improve our services. The information is used for:


●       Improving services

●       After your approval, for your information on services etc..

●       Internal records


Please note that we make every effort to keep your personal information stored safely.


Who has access to this information?


The information you provide is not shared with third parties.


Cookies and detection


Similar to the majority of websites on the internet, we use cookies to provide visitor information and better services. The cookies are small files stored on your computer that retain the settings and options you have on our site. They are used to help us better understand how users engage with our website.


If you do not want to benefit from the advantages of cookies, you can disable their use in your browser settings. From there, you can delete existing cookies that are stored locally on your computer. For more information about this process, please visit your browser’s service page.

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