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Office Hours of PC Librarian


The Perrotis College Librarian can help you with the following:

  • Show you techniques on how to cite inside your text, how to reference your resources, and how to create a correct Reference list at the end of your assignments, using online Referencing tools;
  • How to search for academic articles through the EBSCO/CardiffMet databases, Google Scholar, Scopus, etc.;
  • How to search for eBooks through the EBSCO databases;
  • How to decide whether the resources (websites, blogs, online articles, books, etc.) you found are credible or not;
  • Show you techniques on how to differentiate between fake news and real news;



You can book an appointment with the Perrotis College Librarian, Iro Sotiriadou, by clicking on the link below:


NOTE: Appointments can be carried out both one-on-one and virtually.

--> Simply choose the location ("Select location") you would prefer the meeting to take place, by clicking on the link above:

  • Online Library Meetings (Zoom) = virtually via Zoom.
  • Princeton Hall = please select the room "Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis Library" and then click on my name (Iro Sotiriadou) to check my office hours.
  • Aliki Perroti Educational Center = please select the room "George and Charlotte Draper Information and Media Hub" and then click on my name (Iro Sotiriadou) to check my office hours.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to book the appointment:

  • STEP 1. Select the location of the appointment from the drop down menu (the locations are described above).
  • STEP 2. In the cases of Princeton Hall and Aliki Perroti Educational Center, you need to select the staff member you want to have an appointment with! And since you have clicked on my appointment link, please select my name, Iro Sotiriadou.
  • STEP 3. Select the day and time that suits you, so I can receive an email of your request to meet and book the appointment.
  • STEP 4. Fill in all the necessary information in order to book the appointment.


Contact e-mail:

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