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Our Library Policies

Collection Development Policy


The purpose of the Dimitris and Aliki Perrotis Library (DAPL) collections is to serve the needs of Perrotis College students and faculty.

The library’s electronic and print resources are selected in collaboration with Perrotis College faculty. A Library Steering Committee is charged with implementing and overseeing the library acquisition plan for required and recommended readings, advising the Library and the College on other issues regarding electronic and print sources available in the Library and the College, and discussing relevant matters and student problems. Members include the Head Librarian and the Heads of Departments and meet three times a year. A Collection Development Policy is set forth and outlines the types of resources and scope of resources.

Library resources are provided in a variety of formats to support curriculum and research needs with an emphasis placed on electronic formats. Access to these resources is provided to students and faculty 24/7 from anywhere they have internet access. Holdings include 8229 vols. at a rough percentage of 38.27% English and 61.72% Greek. The library subscribes to nearly around 142.000 ebooks representing a broad range of academic subject matters and business topics such as marketing, finance, supply chain management and entrepreneurship. Nearly 850 full-text titles including journals, monographs, magazines and trade publications of Food Science and 1500 journals of agricultural related issues.


In building the library collection, priority is given to materials and subjects, which directly support the curricula of Perrotis College Undergraduate, Graduate and Foundation programs.

Non-curricular, general interest materials will be collected less intensively for the purpose of providing the DAPL constituency with opportunities for more general exploration in the world of ideas, as well as recreational reading materials.

Gifts Policy


Materials added to the Library collections are, primarily, acquired by way of purchase, while gifts and bequests of collections are a welcome supplementary component of collection development. Proper application of the Library’s collection development report goals make it inevitable that only a small percentage of the gifts received will ultimately be added to the collection.


Prior to accepting a gift collection it is necessary for the librarians to learn as much as possible about the content and size of the donation. In the event that the offered materials do not appear to be appropriate for the Library, as defined in the Library’s collection development policy, other potential recipients for the gift should be suggested to the donor.


In the event that the Library accepts a book donation, the following points will be made clear to the Donor:

  • It is probable that all of the donated materials will not be added to the collection;
  • The donor will authorize the Library, in writing, to attempt to donate unneeded items to other libraries;
  • The donated collection will not be kept together on the shelves but will be distributed throughout the collection, in accordance with the Library’s classification criteria;
  • The donor shall not require the library to post a name sign identifying the donor.


Similarly, the Library will:

  • Acknowledge, in writing, receipt of all bequests, listing types and numbers of materials donated;
  • Express its appreciation in a letter signed by the head librarian. In the event that the donor is an AFS Trustee or a ranking public official, it is recommended that the AFS president sign the letter of appreciation;
  • Provide copies of all communications with donors to the Office of Institutional Advancement.
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